Eviction Prevention Clinic

In Baltimore City, approximately 140,000 eviction cases are filed each year, despite only having 125,000 renter households, meaning that the eviction filing rate for renters in our city is well over 100%. The number of Black households evicted is 195% greater than the number of white households evicted. Despite recent state and local legislation guaranteeing either access to counsel or the right to counsel, there are still many more eviction cases filed than legal services providers can handle.

In this clinic, students will explore issues of economic and racial justice while improving access to justice by representing low-income tenants in various types of eviction proceedings in Baltimore City District Court. While representing these tenants, students will conduct client intakes, conduct factual and legal research, develop case theories, prepare motions and pleadings where appropriate, and represent their clients in court.

“I wanted an experience that was about helping people deal with their problems and standing up for the little guy. I learned the bread and butter of being a lawyer, and I was glad that we were able to help people through some of the most difficult periods of their lives.”

Kyle Keraga ’21