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  • BA, 1966, Dartmouth College
  • JD, 1969, Georgetown University


Michael Millemann graduated from Dartmouth College (BA, 1966) and Georgetown Law School (JD, 1969). In 1967, as a law student, he worked in the Civil Rights Movement in Louisiana, which strongly shaped his career. After graduation, he worked at the National Prison Project, the Maryland Legal Aid Bureau (as a Reginald Heber Smith Fellow), and the Multnomah County, Oregon legal aid program, where he was director of litigation. During 1979–81, he was chief general counsel and chief of the Civil Division of the Maryland attorney general's office.

He began teaching at the University of Maryland School of Law as an adjunct in 1970 and full-time in 1974, and has taught a broad variety of classroom, clinical, and hybrid courses.

He was a leader in developing the school’s Clinical Law and Environmental Law programs and its Cardin Requirement. He also has been a leader in developing a number of legal services or law-related organizations in Maryland, including the Maryland Legal Services Corporation (through legislation), the Public Justice Center, the Maryland Volunteer Lawyers Service, the Prisoner Assistance Project (now operating as the Prisoner Rights Information System of Maryland), Community Law in Action, a youth advocacy and development program; Civil Justice, and the St. Ambrose Legal Services Program. 

He has received several “best teacher” awards and a number of national and state awards for public service, including from the ABA (2008 Father Robert Drinan Award), and the AALS Section on Pro Bono and Public Service Opportunities, and in Maryland, the 2017 Robert M. Bell Medal for Access to Justice and the 2016 Maryland State Bar Association’s Robert C. Heeney Award for his work in the criminal law field.

Professor Millemann has published extensively in the fields of legal education, criminal justice, access to justice, and the delivery of legal services. He is a member of the American Law Institute. 


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