Nondiscrimination & Disciplinary

The University of Maryland, Baltimore is committed to fostering an environment in which its students, faculty and staff are free from sexual harassment and violence or illegal discriminatory practices.

All discrimination complaints must be promptly referred to UMB Office of Accountability and Compliance for review, investigation and resolution.

The Faculty Council reserves the right to require the withdrawal of any student whose continued presence would not, in the judgment of the Council, be of benefit to the student or would be detrimental to the best interests of the school.  The rights reserved to the Faculty Council in this paragraph shall be exercised as provided in the Student Disciplinary and Appeals Procedure.

Students have an obligation to promptly (within ten days of occurrence) report any criminal citations/arrests or administrative charges in writing to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.  (Students need not report minor traffic citations for which the possible maximum fine does not exceed $50.00.)

The written documentation should contain copies of any citations or charging documents.  In addition, the student has an ongoing obligation to timely inform the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs of any action taken or changes in status with regard to the charges.

Students should also be aware that under the Campus Substance Abuse Policy, they have an obligation to report to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, within five days of its occurrence, any drug or alcohol related conviction.

The entire Policy can be found here

Entering a new profession can be both exciting and daunting.  Everyone seeks ways to deal with new academic challenges that come on top of commitments to family, friends, and jobs.  The Law School is committed to helping you find health-conscious ways to deal with stress and to provide confidential assistance if you think you are making choices that adversely affect your health, relationships with friends and family, or academic and work performance.  

As part of this effort, the Law School has expanded its Alcohol and Drug Awareness program.  Our goal is to encourage everyone to think more about the effect of alcohol and drug use on our lives and careers over the long run and to provide referral for confidential counseling if alcohol or drug use (by you or someone close to you) is causing problems for you now.

Professor Ellen Weber serves as the law school’s Alcohol and Drug Awareness Coordinator.  She is available to talk about your concerns in a confidential setting and to provide referrals for help to on-campus resources – both professional counseling and peer support.  She can be found in Room 346 or at 410 706-0590  If you want to learn more about alcohol and drug use, information packets are available outside the Office of Student Affairs, Suite 280.

All referrals for professional counseling will be made to the campus Counseling Center, which will provide confidential assessment, counseling, and referral, if necessary, to community-based programs for alcohol and drug treatment.  The Counseling Center is located in the Baltimore Student Union, and appointments can be scheduled by calling 410 328-8404.
The Law School wants to help you be well and do well.  Seeking or participating in counseling will not jeopardize your career or your education; it could, in fact, prevent problems that would.  All information is confidential between you and the Counseling Center and cannot be shared without your written permission.   The Law School will not have a record of your counseling.

If you are interested in a confidential alcohol self assessment tool, check out For information on Narcotics Anonymous meetings in the area, visit or 1 800 317-3222.  For information from the Baltimore Intergroup Council of Alcoholics Anonymous, Inc. visit or 410 663-1922.

All students should be aware of the USM/UMB policies relating to Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs as published in the Student Answer Book.  The policies can also be reached through the link on the Student Resources page.  In particular, students should be aware that the UMB POLICY ON ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES provides in part:


  1. Alcoholic beverages may only be sold by student groups upon obtaining the appropriate liquor license for the area and event; alcoholic beverages may be served by student groups in areas designated by each dean or the Office of Campus Life.
  2. At all social events where alcohol is consumed, nonalcoholic beverages must be provided by the sponsor of the event and be equally available to students. All persons consuming alcoholic beverages must be of legal drinking age.
  3. Where alcohol is consumed, food shall also be provided by the sponsor of the event.
  4. Social events, such as beer blasts, which encourage drinking or drunkenness as themes, and the advertisement of such events are considered inappropriate and shall not be permitted.
  5. The alcoholic beverage industry shall not be allowed to distribute their product on campus for promotional purposes. Other promotional activities by alcohol marketers may only be permitted with the written approval of the Office of Student Affairs.