Restorative Approaches in Education

When embraced throughout learning communities, restorative approaches transform cultures and change lives. C-DRUM has a proud legacy of advancing restorative approaches across Maryland and beyond. We build on that legacy every day by supporting schools and organizations, developing trainings and teaching materials, advocating for greater support, and curating the free resources below.

We welcome questions and suggestions for how we can help your school grow more restorative. Contact us at or call us at (410) 706-3143

  • Training and Services

    Training and Services

    C-DRUM can help your learning community get the most out of restorative approaches.

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  • Restorative Approaches in Education

    Restorative Approaches in Education

    Curated resources to help schools adopt and integrate restorative approaches.

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  • Tools for Using Restorative Approaches

    Tools for Using Restorative Approaches

    Perfect your restorative practice with these tools.

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  • Equity and Inclusion

    Equity and Inclusion

    Shared wisdom informs current practices to create better futures for all.

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  • Restorative-Informed Peer Mediation

    Restorative-Informed Peer Mediation

    Student Peacemakers can make all the difference.

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  • Aligning with Educational Initiatives

    Aligning with Educational Initiatives

    Restorative Approaches intersect with school-based practices.

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