Academic Achievement Program

Legal education is unique, and adjusting from prior academic experiences sometimes can be challenging. Rest assured, you have the ability to thrive academically here, and the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) is here to help you make the transition to law school academics. Our goal is to help as you develop the skills you will need to complete your degree, pass the bar exam, and begin your legal career. 

We want to empower all students to become strong, independent learners who understand and are comfortable with performing legal analysis, synthesizing class materials, and writing effective law school exams essays. To help, we offer a range of resources, including

  • Pre-orientation training for law students
  • Academic skills workshops
  • Practice exams
  • An elective course that provides more intensive, hands on guidance
  • One-on-one support as needed

If you feel you are facing academic challenges, we encourage you to seek assistance from the AAP. We will work with you to help you figure out how to move forward effectively.

Whether you need help analyzing cases, synthesizing course materials, or applying that knowledge to new fact situations (such as those presented on law school exams), we can provide you with successful strategies.

Please contact Professor McClain or email if you feel you might benefit from any of the support offered by the AAP.