University of Maryland Association of Legislative Law

The University of Maryland Association of Legislative Law (UMALL) is a nonpartisan organization focused on policy, politics, and legislation, and the roles they play in our legal system. We promote an increased awareness of the influence that statutes and public policy have in generating the common law, and inversely, how judicial decisions drive policymakers to pass new legislation. We consider the Legislative branch of government to be equally as important in legal teaching and learning as is the Judiciary, and strive to de-emphasize the exclusive use of appellate case-law in legal teaching to achieve these ends. Our association is open to all students. The goals of the executive council (elected officers) and organization are: 

  • To increase the quality and merit of the organization among the students and prospective students, school administrators, and the regional law school community; 
  • To host panels, workshops and other activities that will foster perspectives on policy and politics, and build ties with outside communities; 
  • To develop a program that will establish career opportunities for our association members.

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2023-2024 Executive Board

*President Madison Harden
*Treasurer Valerie Ernat
2L Representative John Aiken
Events Chair TBD
Advisor Profesor Kathleen Hoke
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