Thurgood Marshall Trial Team

The Thurgood Marshall Trial Team seeks to create a collegiate atmosphere where students will learn the art of advocacy, which includes: learning the intricacies of trial forensics, mastering the federal rules of evidence, honing public speaking and true communication skills, and successfully competing at regional and national trial competitions.

The team holds tryouts each spring; all current non-graduating students are invited to join. Students will be given a trial packet and be asked to present an argument. Those that present according to the given guidelines will be chosen. 1Ls are invited to tryout for the team and participate in team practices but cannot compete until their 2L year.

To learn more about the Thurgood Marshall Trial Team, contact us at

HEAD COACH Derrick Milburn

Christopher Daffin Jonathan Mack, Elizabeth (Liz) Alfonso, Olivia (Livy) Ayd, Deanna Thomas, Isaac De La Cruz, Amirah Loury, Junee Barber, Queen Nwangwu, Alaina Cohen, Aurie Serrette, Tamia Morris, Colin Forrest 
Samuel Kebede, Tamia Morris, Tayler Littlejohn, Junior Dufort, Robert Velazquez, David Karpay, Wesley R. Payne V, Jordan Danso

2020-2021: Hanna Leonard, Samantha Jonjo, Tayler Littlejohn, Alexis Lovings, Tamia Morris, Randall Ainsworth, Samuel Kebede, Colin Forrest

2019-2020: Cristian Stroble , Briah Gray, Eunice Kabuga, Leah Levi

2018-2019:  Meryl Seidel, Jennifer Caggino, Katie Chang, Cristian Stroble 

2017-2018: Courtney Bennett, Meryl Seidel, Alexus Brandon, Rhya Martin, Jennifer Caggino

2016-2017: Jazmine Dorsey, Zara Thomas, Brian Gordon, Jhonell Campbell, Jazmine Dorsey

2015-2016: Jazmine Dorsey, Anthony Howden, Vanessa Destime, Tierney Smithson

2014-2015: Nicole Burnette, Nia Duggins, Bianca Pinnock, Sade' Newson, Stephen Thomas, Anitra Washington, Anthony Howden, Jazmine Dorsey

2013-2014:  Nicole Burnette, Sade Newsome, Karen Lattiebeaudiere, Anitra Washington

2012-2013: Opeyemi Coker, Derrick Milburn, Iten Naguib, Trevonne Walford, Nicole Burnette, Sade Newsome, Karen Lattiebeaudiere, Sakkara Blanchard

2011-2012: Janell Henderson, Aaron DeGraffenreidt, Derrick Milburn, Sakkara Blanchard

2010-2011: Natasha Mehu, Revee Walters, Charles Julius, Janell Henderson

2009-2010: Anwar Graves, Revee Walters, Ulysses Chatman, Funmi Ojetayo