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Dear Fellow Alumni and Friends,

I am honored to serve as the chair of the Maryland Carey Law Board of Visitors, especially as we prepare to celebrate a milestone anniversary of our beloved institution. In its first 200 years, our law school has had a game-changing impact in areas like clinical law, health law, and environmental law, to name a few.  On a more personal level, the school also had a game-changing impact on my life when it encouraged me, at a time when this combination was rare, to pursue a joint JD/MBA and afforded me the opportunity to merge my curiosity with the law and my intellectual fascination of numbers!

Like so many alumni, I feel a deep and profound commitment to the law school.  The school prepared me to take on challenges, to take hold of my career, and to become a passionate servant leader. I am proud to be part of such a deeply connected and generous alumni community. I am also proud of the progress, impact, and excellence our law school has achieved in its first 200 years; but more importantly, I am energized by everything that the law school is doing today to deliver an excellent legal education.  Every day, I see the impact the school makes as it provides critical leadership on emerging trends and societal issues, increased access to justice for our communities, and prepares future lawyers to lead in every court. As I reflect on Dean Hutchins’s first year in her role, I am inspired by the electrifying buzz that is radiating from the law school every day.

As Executive Director of the National Basketball Players Association*, I see every day the rigors and pressures our players face both mentally and physically.  The demands of law school place similar stress on students and I am focused on building a culture where well-being is not a maybe, it is a MUST. I will continue to prioritize well-being and kindness, recognizing that wellness is a critical piece of academic success and will foster a community of resilience, innovation, and excellence.

Alongside my teammates on the Board of Visitors, our excitement for the law school’s future only continues to grow. As the new year kicks off and the 200th anniversary celebrations begin, we are committed to supporting Dean Hutchins and the entire law school community in strengthening its legacy for the next 200 years to come. I hope to see you in the coming year!

Tamika Tremaglio ’95
Chair, Board of Visitors

*After press time, and the completion of the collective bargaining agreement ensuring labor peace for the next seven years, Tremaglio stepped down from her position at the National Basketball Players Association.

Board of Visitors 2023-2024

Tamika Tremaglio ’95, Chair

Alicia Wilson ’07, Vice Chair

Sharon Krevor-Weisbaum ’87, Secretary

Howard Kurman ’75, Immediate Past Chair


The Hon. Angela Alsobrooks ’96

Sara Arthur ’83

The Hon. Mary Ellen Barbera ’84

Dr. Anirban Basu ’03

James Benjamin ’01

Darrell Braman ’88

Marc Broady ’16

Jamar Brown ’11

Aja Byrd ’06

David Cade ’85

Paul Caiola ’95

The Hon. Benjamin Cardin ’67

Michael Carpenter

The Hon. Andre Davis ’78

Ranjit Dhindsa ’95

Jason Downs ’07

Lynnette Espy-Williams ’06

The Hon. Matthew Fader

The Hon. Karen Friedman ’97

Karen Russell Gally ’96

Stanford Gann, Sr. ’55

Richard Gordon ’89

James Hanks, Jr. ’67

The Hon. Michelle Harner

Caroline Harris ’79

Kristin Herber ’01

Joseph Hovermill ’93

Yitai Hu ’94

Robert Kim ’83

Andrew Levy ’81

David Lynn ’95

David Martin ’88

Lindsey McCulley ’12

M. Natalie McSherry ’74

K. Brigid Peterson ’04

Amy Petkovsek ’06

Alexandre Rene ’95

Kimberly Ross ’93

Benjamin Salsbury ’07

Edward Manno Shumsky ’73

Jason St. John ’00

Kerry Staton ’80

The Hon. Eric Swalwell ’06

Henry Talavera ’89

Paul Tiburzi ’80

Stacie Tobin ’92

Emeritus Members

Harriet E. Cooperman ’78

The Hon. Ellen Heller ’77

The Hon. Marcella Holland ’83

Henry Hopkins ’68

John Isbister ’77

Ava Lias-Booker ’86

William Pittler ’59

Joanne Pollak ’76

Charles Tatelbaum ’66