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Maryland Carey Law faculty members are thought leaders whose scholarship is consistently published by top journals and presses. Here is just a sampling of recent scholarly work.

Chaz Arnett “Black Lives Monitored,” UCLA Law Review (2023).

Andrew Blair-Stanek “Shelter Check: Proactively Finding Tax Minimization Strategies via AI,” Tax Notes Federal (2022) (with Nils Holzenberger & Benjamin Van Durme).

Richard Boldt “Mental Health Care and Intimate Partner Violence: Unasked Questions,” Journal of Health Care Law & Policy (2022) (with D. Anderson).

Deborah Eisenberg “Negotiating Lessons from the Women of Star Wars,” in Star Wars and Conflict Resolution: There Are Alternatives to Fighting (Noam Ebner & Jen Reynolds eds., 2022).

Martha Ertman Contracts: An Integrated Learning Approach (2nd ed. 2023) (with William K. Sjostrom Jr. & Debora L. Threedy).

Donald Gifford Cumulative Supplements to Harper, James and Gray on Torts (2023) (with Christopher Robinette).

David Gray “You Know You’ve Gotta Help Me Out...,” Pennsylvania State Law Review (2022).

Leslie Meltzer Henry “Challenges in Obtaining the Informed Perspectives of Stakeholders Regarding HIV Molecular Epidemiology,” Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (2023) (with others).

Diane E. Hoffmann “Clinical Algorithms, Antidiscrimination Laws, and Medical Device Regulation,” JAMA (2023) (with Katherine Goodman & Daniel Morgan).

Seema Kakade “Environmental Evidence,” University of Colorado Law Review (2023).

Guha Krishnamurthi “The Goose and the Gander: How Conservative Antidiscrimination Rulings Will Save Affirmative Action on Campus,” Texas Law Review (2023) (with Peter N. Salib).

Christopher Mathis “Higher Education Redress Statutes: A Critical Analysis of States’ Reparation in Higher Education,” Washington & Lee Law Review (2023).

Paula Monopoli “Gender, Voting Rights, and the Nineteenth Amendment,” Georgetown Journal of Law & Public Policy (2022).

William J. Moon “Global Corporate Charter Competition,” in A Research Agenda for Corporate Law (Christopher M. Bruner & Marc Moore eds., 2023).

Robert Percival “The U.S. Supreme Court and Environmental Law Update,” The Practical Lawyer (2022) (with Richard Lazarus).

Amanda Pustilnik “Beating Pain with Psychedelics: Matter Over Mind?,” Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews (2022) (with Igor Elman & David Borsook).

Natalie Ram “Familial Searches, The Fourth Amendment, and Genomic Control,” Southern California Law Review Postscript (2023) (with Jacob S. Sherkow & Carl A. Gunter).

Maneka Sinha “The Dangers of Automated Gunshot Detection,” Journal of Law & Innovation (2023).

Michael Van Alstine, Principles of International Business Transactions (5th ed. 2022) (with Ralph H. Folsom & Michael Ramsey).

Liza Vertinsky “Righting a Reproductive Wrong: A Statutory Tort Solution to Misrepresentation by Reproductive Tissue Providers,” Houston Law Review (2022) (with others).

Tiffany Yang “The Prison Pleading Trap,” Boston College Law Review (2023).

From the Bookshelf

Leigh Goodmark Imperfect Victims: Criminalized Survivors and the Promise of Abolition Feminism (2023).

Mark Graber Punish Treason, Reward Loyalty: The Forgotten Goals of Constitutional Reform After the Civil War (2023).

Matiangai Sirleaf Race and National Security (ed., 2023).

Maxwell Stearns Parliamentary America: The Least Radical Means of Radically Repairing Our Broken Democracy (2024).