Gender in the Legal Profession Seminar (3)

This course will provide an opportunity for students to achieve a theoretical grounding in the existing academic literature and empirical research on women in the legal profession. Class readings and discussion will focus on current theories and research studies that document and hypothesize about the slow progress of women to formal leadership positions and the structural barriers they face in the legal profession. Course requirements include a substantial research paper and students may do their certification papers in this seminar. This course is open to all students and either this course or Gender and the Law Seminar is a prerequisite for students who wish to apply to be selected as Fellows in the Women, Leadership & Equality Program.

Gender and the Law Seminar (3)

This seminar will provide a critical examination of the historical and contemporary treatment of gender issues by and under the law. Areas of emphasis include the history of gender-based social movements in the United States; federal constitutional constraints on gender-based classifications; federal statutory restrictions on discrimination in employment and education; and discrete issues of criminal and family law. This seminar may be used to satisfy the Advanced Writing Requirement. Either this course or Gender in the Legal Profession Seminar is a prerequisite for students who wish to apply to be selected as Fellows in the Women, Leadership & Equality Program.

Women, Leadership and Equality Zetzer Fellows Workshop (1)

This course, required for and available only to students who have been selected as Rose Zetzer Fellows, will provide an opportunity for students to explore the ethical and practical challenges to women exercising leadership in the legal profession, including law firms, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the judiciary. Class readings and professional skills training focus on navigating the structural barriers to women assuming leadership roles. This 1 credit course is offered on a credit/no credit basis.

Women, Leadership and Equality Externship (3/4)

This externship is optional and limited to students selected as Zetzer Fellows in the fall semester.

WLE externs may earn academic credit by working for governmental and non-profit national or local organizations that focus on providing legal assistance to women or that work on policy issues affecting women. Students spend 12 hours (3 credits) or 16 hours (4 credits) per week during the semester working under the supervision of lawyers in these organizations on policy initiatives or providing direct legal services to women. Placements may include national organizations like the National Women’s Law Center and local organizations like the House of Ruth,the Tahirih Justice Center and the Women's Law Center of Maryland, as well as state and federal agencies administering programs that advance women’s social and legal equality. Grading is on a Credit/No Credit basis.