Environmental Law Program Publications and Accomplishments


Professor Percival is the lead author on the premier environmental law casebook, Environmental Regulation: Law, Science and Policy, updated to include the latest legal and policy developments. Each chapter includes new material exploring contemporary developments including the challenges climate change is posing to nearly every aspect of environmental law. 

The U.S. Department of Justice is under fire for failing to prosecute banks that caused the 2008 economic meltdown because they are too big to jail. Prosecutors have long neglected to hold corporate executives accountable for chronic mistakes that kill and injure workers and customers. This book, the first of its kind, analyzes five industrial catastrophes that have killed or sickened consumers and workers or caused irrevocable harm to the environment.

Prof. Robert Percival and Managing Director William Piermattei’s (eds.) Global Environmental Law at a Crossroads analyzes cutting-edge developments in environmental law around the globe. Written in the aftermath of the “Rio+20” conference, this book addresses environmental governance from the international, regional and national levels. The topics include climate change initiatives, market-based environmental measures, water and food systems management, environmental governance structures and theories, and examples of environmental policy innovations from around the world. The global coverage draws on experiences from the EU, the Middle East, China, Brazil, Ecuador, Nigeria, Ethiopia, New Zealand and Australia. 


Professor Robert Percival maintains the Global Environmental Law blog and website with occasional contributions from his co-author Professor Tseming Yang of Vermont Law School. View Professor Percival’s publications here.

Professor Steinzor currently holds the position of President of The Center for Progressive Reform (CPR) where she regularly contributes to their blog and other working papers. View Professor Steinzor’s publications here. 

Selected Faculty Publications

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