About the Journal of Business Law and Technology

Issues at the intersection of business and technology law are pervasive and increasingly complex. These issues present many challenging legal questions which have and will continue to provide ample opportunity for debate among legal scholars. As the first publication to examine these issues together, the Journal of Business Law and Technology seeks to add an important voice to the nation’s legal scholarship and to provide a rewarding educational experience for our members.

Launched in fall 2005, the journal has provided a publication venue for the latest thinking on business and technology issues. With the help of its distinguished faculty advisers from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law, the journal is adding a vital voice to the nation’s current legal scholarship.

Each issue of the journal is a rich collection of scholarly analysis on the latest developments in these areas. With articles and information from leaders in the business and legal communities, the journal is an essential resource for members of the bench, the bar, and the academy.

Most of the journal’s student writing analyzes leading decisions by the emerging business and technology courts nationwide. Almost 20 in number, these courts represent a burgeoning collection of states that are taking an innovative approach to judicial decision making. The judges on these courts are specially trained to evaluate business and technology matters, and the journal will serve as the preeminent publication for analysis of their opinions. Together, our print and online formats constitute a unique resource for those who study, argue, or adjudicate business and technology disputes or have a stake in their outcomes.

Formal publications are posted on the Journal of Business and Technology digital commons site.  JBTL Online is the journal’s blog focusing on legal business and technology updates and current events.