Clinical Law Student Resources

As a Day Program student you will complete your clinical requirement in either your second or third year. Clinic courses can be semester (5, 6 or 7 credits) or year-long (4 credits each semester), and you are required to work between 45 and 48 hours per credit hour taken. 

You will attend a weekly lecture component, where you will learn about substantive law, practice skills, professional responsibility, and problems in the administration of justice and system reform. You will represent clients singularly or in teams of two or three, where you will provide advice to individuals and groups and engage in formal and informal advocacy, as well as transactional work. You will do a significant amount of writing by drafting letters, pleadings, agreements, organizational documents, legal memoranda, briefs, and more. 

Clinic Link to recording
Consumer Bankruptcy Watch online
Consumer Protection Watch online
Criminal Appellate Watch online
Criminal Defense Watch online - passcode: @GcG?&6A
Eviction Prevention Watch online
Federal Appellate Immigration Watch online
Immigration Watch online
Low Income Taxpayer Watch online - Part 1, Part 2
Medical-Legal Partnership Watch online

Clinic students are required to encrypt their laptop prior to performing any clinical work. 

Encrypting your laptop will ensure any data saved on your laptop will be protected in the event of lost/theft. Students are reminded to delete any documents from their laptop once it's been uploaded to Legal Server.

Note: Encryption can take from a few minutes to a few hours depending on your laptop's hardware and used storage. Please leave laptop plugged in until encryption is complete. 



UMB's Webex phone system will be used by students starting in the 2021-2022 school year to make & recieve calls to our clients. The biggest benefit is that students no longer have to be on campus to make & recieve phone calls on their assigned phone lines. Please visit the UMB Center for Information Technology page to learn more about how to use the unified calling features. 

Students in the clinical law program can use their credentials to print while connected to Eduroam. Please follow these instructions to print in the clinical work rooms.